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Search for new stand-ups from all over the country.

To be the next stand-up of stand alone

Compete for prize money
35,000 baht

Produce a 5-7 minute stand-up video on 3 specific topics.

Open for videos 1-21 February 2021 to recruit 15 people into the stand-up comedy camp.

Judge on Saturday 27 February.

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Procedure for applying for the contest

Log in as

Site members

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Shoot a contest video
According to the specified conditions

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Upload a video

"Single Microphone" on the website

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Competition rules

Commerce Choose the topic you want to work on.
"Singing Microphone" from 3 fun topics


Single love, single break up
Some love stories of people who love each other.


Single screen

Single from the story on the feed page that I saw and itchy mouth.


Single, Thai people

Confusion in Thailand that we have encountered

  Shoot a "horizontal" video while standing, recount, stand-up. See the face and sound clearly The length is between 5 - 7 minutes without any editing.

Upload a video on YouTube or Google Drive, set it up "Public" , name your work "aka Your Name - Young Man Can Standup | Standup Solo", and submit your application to WWW.

15 stand-up works that are qualified through the ZOOM MEETING will be announced on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 (the 1st winner in each title will receive 5,000 baht).

Judging round, 15 finalists will join the camp with the coach. Learn how to play stand-ups and tricks and perform on Saturday February 27, 2021 to find the winner. Receive a prize of 20,000 baht.


Must be a single joke Not using editing techniques to help

The story told must be a new joke. Not copied from any other place  

The joke should not be rude, 18+, use the language of the King, indistinct and not allude, or provoke damage and split

All clips submitted are considered permitted by the organizer to publish.

Practice for shooting


Shoot a horizontal video Using a tripod

And no noise


Filmed with half standing on set
Smooth colored walls


5-7 minutes long video
Did not go through any edits

Filming tutorials

It is in a closed place where sound can be controlled well.

Single standing video example

Must Buffalo gags - Young Man Can Standup | Single Stand

IScream Joke - Young Man Can Standup | Stand Up Solo

Tum Banthat Thong - Young Man Can Standup | Single Standing

young man_cover.jpg

If you are ready to be a comedian Apply, come in !!

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